Terms and conditions

  1. Booking/Confirmation
    The person, or company registered on the booking (hereafter called the tenant), is responsible for complying with the
    renting conditions and responsible for all persons travelling in the same group.
    The tenant is also financially responsible for the complete booking, including total payment of the full rental sum, and
    of possible replacement of occurring damages.
  2. The Cottage
    Renting of the cottage is in accordance with the information presented on the Internet.
  3. The Rental Price
    Our prices are in NOK (Norwegian kroner) and only cover rental of the cottage. The tenants must bring their own linen
    (sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase), towels or the tenants can buy this at an additional cost.
    Later arrival or earlier departure than agreed, or if the cottage is not used, will not be eligible for a lower rental rate.
    Renting of the luxury cottages requires a minimum of three nights.
  4. Final Cleaning
    Final cleaning is not included, but can be bought at an additional cost. Even if the tenant has ordered final cleaning,
    the cottage shall be cleaned, garbage removed, dishing been done and cleared away before departure.
  5. Number of Persons
    The cottage is equipped and calculated for the number of persons given in the presentation. It is forbidden to raise a
    tent, have a camping caravan or similar on the plot belonging to the cottage, without prior agreement. The number of
    seats in the sofa or sofa arrangement, can be fewer then the number of beds.
  6. House Animals
    House animals are permitted in some cottages only! If the tenants bring their house animals we require that you keep
    dogs in cages or within barriers when they are indoor. House animals shall not touch beds or sofas.
  7. House rules
    The tenant and all persons travelling together with the tenant, are committed to keep to the house rules and to follow
    the instructions placed in the cottages. We require that normal standard for peace and order are followed. If accident
    should occur, notify promptly.
  8. Deficiencies in the Rented Accommodation
    When you arrive at the cottage and detect certain damage or something is missing, you must and within 24 hours
    after arrival, report to our emergency telephone +47 92411412 and take pictures.
    Within reasonable time Stora Lee Camping has the right to manage errors and rectify deficiencies, or to offer a
    transfer to a corresponding cottage.
  9. Arrival and Departure
    The rental period starts at 15:00 and ends at 12:00 at the day of departure (but at 10:00 if the tenant has ordered final
    cleaning), if otherwise no additional information is given.
  10. Cancellation Conditions
    From the day of order and until 70 days before arrival: 10 % of the total cost, and no less than 500 NOK.
    From 69 days and until 40 days before arrival: 25 % of the total cost, and least 500 NOK.
    From 39 days to zero days before arrival: 100 % of the total cost.
  11. Force Majeure
    Destination Stora Lee Camping is not responsible for tenancy in case of natural disaster, epidemical diseases, boarder
    closure, stop in selling currency or any other form of force majeure.

Stora Lee Camping 28.08.2020

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