Pike fishing

Do you dream about catching that ferocious large pike, and get the good feeling of mastering a wild and untamed pike in the heavy-weight-class?

If you are carrying such a fishing dream, we recommend Stora Lee Lake as you next traveling spot. Stora Lee provides clear lake fishing with very good visibility. The lake is 80 km long and has over 300 small and large islands, which helps to create many good pike fishing places.

The most common pike-weight is between 3-7 kg, but it is possible to catch pikes that push the weight past the magic limit of 10 kg. The best season for pike fishing is spring and autumn, but you can also get much fish in the summer.

Stora Lee also offers a very exciting sport fishing after perch and lake salmon.

We offer affordable “fishing packets” consisting of cabin and boat suited for fishing. The boats are equipped with rod holders and sonar. Get in touch for price on boat when you rent a cabin.

On request, it is possible to hire a professional fishing guide.

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