Hiking in the forest

The forest and nature surrounding Stora Lee Camping is excellent for nice walks and wonderful scenery. There is a large web of forest tracks and paths. In the summer and in the autumn there the forest has an abundance of mushrooms and berries. Maps are on loans if you want to take a hike on your own, or we can recommend hikes for you.

Two hikes we recommend are:

Swedish-Bråtane, is an approximately 10km round trip: The small Swedish farm lies next to the border, and you have to cross the border gate which is carved as a separation line between Sweden and Norway. Lagrine Bråtane lived at this farm. She took care of many refugees from Norway during WWII, and got his Majesty’s Medal of Merit in gold for her efforts during the war. She found this petty. She had given food to hundreds of refugees, and then she only got a medal as thank you. What she needed and wanted, was a new stove. Down by the water you will find the still intact resting house for the Swedish border guard.

Bøensætre, is an approximately 20 km round trip: Bøensætre is a unique example of the crofter culture in the County of Østfold. In 2007, the television company TV2 recorded their TV-series «Farmen» at Bøensætre. Today Bøensætre represents the crofter culture with livestock and agriculture as it was 100 years ago. It is also possible to drive with your car to Bøensætre.

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